End of Chapter 2.0

The End of 2019

This marks the end of what was a long, painful, and grueling decade; full of betrayal, lies, and suffering. But, amongst all the confusion and hurt I sustained, or dished out, there came an exorbitant amount of humility, self-growth, inner-trials, and learning.

I am happy to put this decade behind me; but most of all, I am thankful for every experience (the good and the bad) that I went through because it made me into the person you see standing before you today.

About A Decade Ago: - I dropped out of school at 16 years old. I worked hard to self-study and finish high school by taking my GED; - After I completed my GED I signed up for my Legal Secretary Diploma at a local college (where I worked part-time to put myself through school and pay for my education on my own); - I was married at 16 years old and we made a promise to help each other build lives we could eventually support ourselves with individually (we were kids burdened with the task of adulthood too early); - I had my first Neurology appointment for my headaches where I was told I was a hypochondriac who only suffered from migraines and hormone issues; - I learned that those who surround yourself with have a HUGE impact on your mind and how you see yourself (important lessons grew from that, and I learned just because someone says they care about you doesn't mean they do).

16 yr old Lasha
16 yr old Lasha

End of The Decade: - The beginning of 2019 my life was in shambles but I finally understood what true love was;

- I got married to my true love; one who believed in me and my unrecognized disease; - I had been under medical help for 2 years, with no job or health insurance due to an unrecognized brain mass in the center of my brain; - I was wheelchair bound, unable to see or speak, and I prepared my mind, heart, and soul for death; - I learned a great lesson of humility and grace through the beautiful actions of complete strangers, businesses, my old co-workers at Northstar Ford (everyone in this wonderful community of Fort McMurray), a small church my grandfather ministers at, "Chelata Methodist Church", a Costco in Colorado, and friends/family/strangers across North America who all helped raise funds for my brain surgery and save my life;

- This coming January 12th will be my 6 month brainaversary (post-op) from brain surgery and already I have seen many miraculous changes; I can now think of a future. I am no longer bound to my wheelchair, no longer suffer from chronic pressure headaches, and once again, I am able to speak and see.

I am a happy loving woman who is confident in her place in this world; I am no longer that angry spiteful girl who feels the world is out to get her. Through the experiences of loss I was reborn into something much more beautiful - something I never knew possible.

The biggest lesson I learned over this decade has been to not give up hope! Even when those closest to you don't believe, even when your life is being torn apart (piece by piece), and even when you loss your own ability to stand up for yourself - I believe, everything happens for a reason, and if you listen, life is teaching you a lesson.

I hope and pray this next decade is one filled with more love, hope, and grace for all of you out there. I know that whatever life throws at us is just another lesson to listen to and I hope we will all have the grace, strength, and support to get through the challenges that come before us.

Cheers to 2020 - good health - continued growth - more love towards all those around us and towards ourselves.

Christopher and I - End of 2019
Christopher and I - End of 2019

~ Lasha Barbosa

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