Vegan, Cannabis Olive Oil Infused, Stuffed Peppers

Elimination diets, they can be daunting (it was a truly tearful event in my life) and no easy task figuring out how to change my eating habits, life style, and grocery budgets to reflect and maintain my doctors orders.

I was put on the "elimination diet" in hopes of discovering any further foods that may be causing flare ups and inflammation in my body, thus decreasing my body pain, hopefully, encouraging a better quality of life.

The hardest category for me was the protein category. I have always eaten meat and now suddenly I needed to cut meat out of my diet: red meat, pork, veal, and eggs. I felt lost, I felt like throwing in the towel and starving myself to death... HA HA okay, a little doom and gloom, but that's how I felt mentally when the doctor handed me my elimination diet plan.

Instead of starving myself I shook myself out of my pity-party (believe me, you need time to mourn these "secondary losses" in your life. But remember that once you have finished your "mourning period", brush yourself off, dry those tears, and roll up those sleeves because it's time to change the way you do things around the kitchen!) I started to turn towards a vegan diet plan to see if it could help me keep up my protein levels with little, to no, meat options allowed in my diet.