What is a Pineal Gland Cyst & why is it not recognized as a medical condition?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

A Pineal Gland Cyst is a fluid filled deposit in the pineal region of the brain. A pineal cyst is an abnormal lump or mass in the brain which is usually classified as a benign (in my opinion, one does need a biopsy to be fully certain) brain tumor.

The pineal region of the brain is in the middle of the brain behind the brain stem and the pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the brain. In most of the medical communities, the only known fact about the pineal gland is that it produces the hormone "melatonin", which controls sleeping patterns.

Most medical communities do not have enough funding or education put into the pineal gland to understand the full effects it has on the human brain/body.

There are several reported cases of "symptomatic" pineal gland cyst sufferers, travelling from all around the globe, paying up to $82,000 USD (out of pocket - no insurance coverage) for brain surgery to relieve their symptomatic pineal gland cysts, because their own medical communities refuse to acknowledge their cysts as "symptomatic", and then these same people, who were once bed-bound, are able to re-enter society as productive working tax-paying citizens.

Not only do these people suffer from the chronic pain side effects of having a fluid filled sack in their brains; such as, nausea, severe pressure in head, memory issues, vision disturbances, dizziness, seizures, light sensitivity, muscle spasms/twitches, anxiety, and depression (the list goes on). But, they have to face the humiliation of their own medical communities telling them, "it's all in your head" and making them feel like hypochondriacs who suffer from nothing more than "migraines", even though there are no other explanations or medical diagnosis to explain their symptoms.

In most medical communities around the world, due to the lack of education, funding, and research about pineal gland cysts/tumors there is a growing number of people living in chronic pain who are being refused acknowledgement of their symptoms. People are being refused medication, counselling, insurance, treatment plans, and surgeries!

Why is a cyst in a person's brain not cause for medical intervention and help? Why are those suffering from symptoms not being taken seriously and treated medically? Why do suffers of pineal gland cysts have to wait until their aqueduct narrows and their cysts have grown so large that they are seizuring, or dead from sudden hemorrhage, before medical intervention is deemed necessary?

It is time to bring awareness and help to those that suffer; quantity of life should also include quality of life! Suffering with disabilities and chronic pain should not be acceptable just because we are alive!

Help us demand global medical interventions - help - to those suffering from pineal gland cysts/tumors; help us provide medical treatment plans to those who suffer from symptomatic pineal gland cysts; help us spread the word on what little is known about these rare brain tumors so that medical communities can start to provide further research and funding towards P.G.C.T.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and support the P.G.C.T. & Mental Health Awareness Campaign.


Lasha Barbosa

"Whenever the barometric pressure changes it feels as if my brain is struggling to push my eyes out of their eye sockets; like a vice is squishing my head together and it's about to explode. I get so nauseous and dizzy." ~ Lasha

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